Historic Courthouse in town square in Monticello, Florida.

Jefferson County

Savor a More Meaningful Life

Espousing small-town values, a strong sense of community, and a natural proclivity toward preserving its storied past, Jefferson County in Florida is a place where you can slow down and enjoy life. The county seat of Monticello is located just 25 miles east of Tallahassee and 15 minutes from Georgia, offering a convenient place to live with expenses generally lower than the national average.

So go ahead and find solitude along the pristine, spring-fed Wacissa River or get to know friendly neighbors at one of Jefferson County’s many festivals and events. Life in North Florida is more about the journey than the destination.

14,555 Jefferson County Population (2021 Estimate) U.S. Census Bureau
0 Traffic Lights – only county in Florida without them! Visit Natural North Florida
67 Degrees Average Annual Temperature Jefferson County Government